Litework Healing - Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Healing
Are you feeling a little stressed, worn out or disconnected? Tired of feeling the aches and pains of everyday life?  Why not treat yourself to a wonderful gift. Schedule a Tre Sol Universoul Healing Art© session today to Relax, Unwind and feel reconnected Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically.
Tre Sol Universoul Healing Art© is a combination of Usui Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Cranial Sacral Fascial Release.  The Reiki energy will naturally help balance the energy in the body.  The Jin Shin Jyutsu releases the stored emotions in the different energy release points along the organ meridian in the body.  The Cranial Sacral Fascial Release, releases the stored energy from trauma since birth experience until present.
In addition to the healing session your Chakras will also be cleared and balanced to their highest energy level.
Call today to schedule your next Reiki healing session.
Have a Blessed and Peace filled Day!
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